Providing caring and compassionate representation Since 1995

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Personal Injury Cases Require Experienced, Dedicated Counsel

Since 1995, attorney Horacio Barraza has represented California clients injured by the negligence of others. He also protects the civil rights of individuals who were victims of crimes and secures compensation for their past, present and future needs. In wrongful death cases, he seeks justice and compensation on behalf of the family. He won more than 25 cases with million-dollar-plus settlements. See how he can help you in cases involving:

Construction accidents – Construction workers are regularly exposed to heavy equipment and tools, heights and chemicals, which can lead to death or serious injuries. Construction accidents are often caused by the negligence of others on the site employed by subcontractors or employees of the general contractor.

Truck accidents – These accidents are often caused by sleep-deprived drivers who drive past their permitted hours to meet their employer’s expectations. A thorough investigation is necessary to hold the driver and trucking company accountable.

Automobile and motorcycle accidents – We take all types of vehicle accidents because we know vehicle accidents are not limited to cars and trucks. Every year, more than a thousand people suffer injuries in motorcycle accidents, bike accidents and boating accidents.

Pedestrian accidents – These accidents often occur when the pedestrian is struck by a reckless driver who is using a cellphone or speeding. A pedestrian accident can result in injuries that range from broken bones to devastating head injuries.

Premises liability – Mr. Barraza holds property owners accountable for hazards leading to slip/trip and falls and other accidents. If the property owner knows of a potentially dangerous condition, they must warn guests.

Defective product injuries – From cars to appliances, if a product malfunctions, accidents can occur. If you have serious injuries from a defective product, you need an experienced lawyer.

Dog bites – Owners are responsible for their animals and must ensure that they do not injure people. Dog owners are strictly liable for their dog’s dangerous behavior and may be subject to other damages, such as a violation of dog laws.

Sexual harassment – Sexual harassment can take a physical and emotional toll on survivors that may last for years. Whether it happened at work or elsewhere, you may be able to file a personal injury suit against the responsible party. Speak with attorney Barraza to learn how he can help and support you during this time.

Work With A Caring, Zealous Attorney

Mr. Barraza is known for his compassionate treatment of clients and his passion for justice for the injured. Call The Law Offices of Horacio Barraza in San Diego at (619) 239-3225 or complete a short online form to request a free consultation.