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Attorney Horacio Barraza seeks compensation for San Diegans who have suffered personal injuries or sexual harassment. He will be there for you, and he will fight for you.

Serving Clients In San Diego And Across California

Fighting For Justice For Everyday People

Life can seem painful, diminished or hopeless after a serious injury, especially one caused by someone else. Your injuries may have crushed the trajectory of your future, forcing you to change career, family and life goals. You may wonder if you can even keep up with basic survival needs.

Attorney Horacio Barraza, has been practicing law in California since 1995. Much of his career has been dedicated to representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases. His clients have included construction workers, car accident victims, motorcyclists, pedestrians, students and other people just like you. He understands the costs – both tangible and intangible – that accidents impose upon individuals and families.

Attorney Barraza works with clients in San Diego County and throughout California. He is fluent in Spanish and can advise Spanish-speakers directly, without an interpreter. He is attentive to each client and sympathetic to their suffering. This fuels his passion for seeking compensation for injury victims that can support their recovery and their adaptation to any permanent changes the accident created for them.

Successful Representation For All Types Of Injuries

Mr. Barraza has been involved, as primary counsel or co-counsel, in 30 cases that resulted in verdicts or settlements of more than a million dollars. Before setting out on his own, he learned from other experienced California personal injury lawyers in larger firms. This has allowed him to represent injury victims from all walks of life with personal injury cases that have included motor vehicle crashes, bike/pedestrian accidents, animal bites, construction site accidents and more.

Even in less life-threatening injury cases, compensation can aid each client in making a faster return to their previous quality of life. Horacio Barraza can help you prepare a strong claim that stands a strong chance of winning in court or resulting in a fair settlement.

Sexual Harassment Incidents Cause Personal Injuries, Too

Many persons are aware that some acts of sexual harassment can bring criminal charges, but fewer know that a personal injury civil suit can be filed against an alleged perpetrator. Harassing, intimidating and bullying behaviors of a sexual nature can cause lasting damage. Attorney Barraza understands the nuances of personal injury lawsuits based upon sexual harassment and stands ready to represent clients and hold the other parties accountable.

Case Results

$1 Million Dollars

Mr. Barraza was co-counsel on a case where he represented a construction worker employed by a drywall sub-contractor who was in the process of installing drywall on a framed wall when an adjoining wall collapsed over the worker. As a result, the worker sustained serious injuries. The
action was brought against the General Contractor who retained control over the job site and was responsible for the overall safety on the site. The case was settled for $1 Million Dollars.

$9.3 million

Attorney Barraza represented a seventh grade student against a local school district. The student was injured during P.E. class when a soccer goal post toppled over and hit his head. The metal post fractured his skull and caused a serious head injury. The student suffered cognitive deficits and developed significant vision impairments. After litigating the case for two years, the case settled for $9.3 million.


Mr. Barraza represented a motorcyclist who sustained serious injuries when a vehicle broadsided the motorcycle on the right side as the motorcyclist made a left turn. The collision occurred after an oncoming vehicle came to a stop in order to allow the motorcyclist to turn. As the vehicle was stopped, a second vehicle came up behind the stopped vehicle and attempted to pass it at this intersection when that vehicle crashed into the motorcycle. Mr. Barraza was able to settle the case for the insurance policy limits of $300,000.


Mr. Barraza represented the widowed husband and two adult children of an elderly lady who died as a result of injuries she sustained when she and a friend were hit by a truck while walking across the street in a marked mid-block crosswalk. The driver was unaware that a mid-block crosswalk was there until after the accident. In addition to suing the driver, the County was also sued because there were no signs at the crosswalk, no flashing beacons, no in-pavement lighting and no lights on adjacent poles to inform motorists of the location of the crosswalk. The County also failed to produce a plan or design with engineering studies that would have been required before installing the crosswalk at that location. The case proceeded to trial which resulted in a $1.8 million jury verdict.

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